About Ars


Operating under the umbrella of the Gutenberg Research College at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, this project aims to open new prospects for interdisciplinary research on sound. The project is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and public awareness of our audible environment. It explores the variety of relations between sound as an object of scientific study and sound as a medium of art. Drawing on the paradigm of artistic research, we seek to explore questions of knowledge production and creativity as they pertain to artistic and research activities. We believe that the arts and the sciences can greatly benefit by a mutual exploration of their respective forms of perceiving, representing, and shaping the world.



The project concentrates on identifying and studying points of contact between the research of sound and artistic praxis. As a start, five areas will be studied in which an extensive research work and artistic experiments have been carried out:

Sound and Phenomena
Sound and Life Science
Sound and Anthropology/Cultural Studies
Sound and Nature
Sound and Structure


The project strives to facilitate a dialogue between scientists and artists within each of these broad areas. The project will result in publications, conferences, exhibitions, and more.