ARS - Art-Research-Sound is a research project on sound as located between the arts and the sciences. We, a group of artists and musicologists, analyze sounding situations and sound art. We explore avenues of artistic research and collaborations between artists and scientists. Our particular focus is research on the

Cultural Practice of Sound

in the Context of Sound Art and Sound Research (ARS - CUPRAS)

We develop strategies to advance art and research on and in sound.

… it's all about listening



Lawrene Abu Hamdan shows his work "Air Conditioning" at Berlin Biennale, Hamburger Bahnhof until Sept 18, 2022.
The website, designed by Moritz Ebeling, is being launched in conjunction with the installation.
Made with support of ART-RESEARCH-SOUND, areseach project under the direction of Peter Kiefer, Mainz School of Music, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.
Berlin Biennale



Jacob Kirkegaard, our substitute professor in the summer and winter semester, has been awarded with the prestigious Eckersberg Medal by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


"Klopfen in der Klangforschung" Martin Hagen im Gespräch mit Prof. Peter Kiefer
SWR 2, Treffpunkt Klassik, Redaktion: Rafael Rennicke
Podcast online


Jacob Kirkegaard

Round table Knock, Tap, Rap
New Date: October 1 and 2, 2021 in Mainz, Germany