Knocking, Tapping and Rapping are terms to describe sounds as well as cultural practices that have important functions in a wide area ranging from everyday life to arts, religion, language and philosophy, communication and language. It became virulent recently in the political discussion about the «no-knock warrant» in the US.
But there seems to be more to the subject than that: from the use of knocking to test material to the literary topic of door-knocking, to the extensive use of knocking sounds in sound art and contemporary music. The sound of knocking, tapping and rapping inhabits and intervenes in multiple contexts.

For a two-day round table mini-symposium on the auditory phenomena of knocking, tapping and rapping ARS – CUPRAS is looking for contributions from different academic fields and professions, including, but not limited to:

 Humanities and culture studies (in particular literature studies, musicology, art history, philosophy, anthropology)


•  Humanities
•  Life Sciences
•  Nature Sciences
•  Social Sciences
•  et al

reports from practical experience are also welcome, for example:

• Culinary studies
• Experience from craftsmanship
• Engineering
• et al

as well as artistic contributions on the theme of knocking, tapping and rapping.

We are interested in a multi-disciplinary exchange and hope to bring together a wide variety of approaches and views. And we also welcome contributions that approach the field of everyday sounds and their meaning under a different connotation.
The deadline for submissions was October 2020, and we thank you for the valuable contributions we received. A publication is planned in the course of 2021.

Online-Symposium Knock, Tap, Rap in November 2020

A small online symposium was held on November 28. Craftsmen, natural scientists, artists, humanities scholars, and cultural scholars contributed their perspectives on Knock, Tap, Rap. We thank all contributors and participants.

Round Table Knock, Tap, Rap in late summer 2021

In late summer 2021, if the pandemic allows, a round table will be held at the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz. If you have any questions regarding the round-table, please do not hesitate to contact us: