Peter Kiefer >liquid borders<

For the installation >liquid borders< Peter Kiefer recorded the sounds of the sea at the outermost points of the European heartland. For the installation now on display in Mainz, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, he travelled to the northernmost point of Scotland, the westernmost point in Portugal, the southernmost point in Spain and the easternmost point in Cyprus.

The considerations associated with the choice of locations alone lead to a reflection beyond the borders of Europe - and beyond. The installation thus contains an examination of the definition of borders in general - what we want to include and what we want to exclude. The sounds and the objects define a border experience for the listening observer and at the same time direct the gaze beyond it. A space opens up for one's own thoughts and reflection...

The installation was exhibited as part of the 2019 Academy Day which was themed "The sound of Europe" of the Akademieunion.